ICE-SEP: Ice Repellant Coating

Water and Ice phobic coating

To protect equipment, a specialty coating has been developed and patented, which turned out to be not just extremely resilient but also water- and ice-phobic (resistant to sticking ice, snow). The coating is a diamond-like fluorinated carbide coating. This coating has water repellant behavior similar to PTFE (Teflon), but has a very high micro-hardness and is chemically inert, hence applicable in very aggressive surroundings. Its wide temperature range lies between -1200C and +400 0C, making it fully weatherproof, even under extreme conditions. The coating is applied under vacuum through a plasma process, which results in an ultra-thin  coating layer thickness of around 3-5 micron.


In the Aviation industry, but also in the Process Industry – Chemical and Oil & Gas – (avoiding scale and bio-fouling of heat exchangers, glycol heaters, seawater pumps etc).

Courtesy of Twister BV
Courtesy of Twister BV