Estuary Holding BV deploys advanced technologies from the oil & gas industry into new markets. This is done through license agreements with a spin-off from Royal Dutch Shell ( Estuary delivers new products to these new markets through cooperation with selected partners.

Twister BV developed and commercialized supersonic separation technologies for gas cleaning in natural gas fields based on a combination of thermo-, fluid- and aerodynamics. Currently 22 such Twister separation units are successfully in full operation for several years, with 6 more starting up soon. With ‘near to zero’ operational costs.

Estuary has an exclusive, worldwide license arrangement with Twister BV for their patents outside the supersonic natural gas markets. Additionally it has been granted a new own patent and is filing a second one.

Current separation systems like filters, scrubbers and cyclones have an inconvenient failure rate and substantial operating and maintenance costs. Moreover these technologies can often not fulfill future requirements in particle separation (< 10 micron).

Estuary’s fine dust separation technologies give a superior performance with very low maintenance costs and extremely high reliability. Cross-application into other markets than the oil & gas industry is a logical step to improve other businesses.

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