We have progressed discussions with research teams with several aircraft and engine producers for application of the water & ice-phobic coatings on:

Pitot tube, Angle of Attack- and Outside Air Temperature instruments:

Pitot tubes, use pressure differences to measure crucial data such as air speed. To avoid freezing of a pitot tube, it is typically equipped with electrical heating. This is not totally reliable and thus a risk. A permanent, passive and no-maintenance solution would be safer and cheaper.  Similarly, Outside Air Temperature sensors and Angle-of-Attack measurement are prone to freezing issues, where the same Estuary coating solution would make a significant difference.


Ice formation is a classic risk in the carburetor for the fuel-air mixture supply of smaller aircraft with a piston-type engines. Every year several accidents, some of which with fatalities, occur around the globe.  Again, the Estuary coating makes the ultimate difference.